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  • Gourmet peanut butter & jelly every month!
  • PB & J Lover's Newsletter with every shipment!
  • FREE SHIPPING every month!
  • Personalized gift announcement!
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Unique Selections - Peanut butters & jellies not found in local markets or national stores!
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The Peanut Butter & Jelly of the Month Club is a gourmet gift for the child in all of us! Every month we'll deliver new varieties of hard-to-find, gourmet peanut butters & jellies from small, boutique peanut butter and jelly makers around the world. We sample hundreds of unique and delicious peanut butters and jellies every year and only the very best are chosen for our members. If you're serious about your peanut butter & jelly, this is a gourmet gift you simply cannot live without! We offer 3, 6, and 12-month clubs and a Peanut Butter & Jelly of the Season Club with new selections each spring, summer, fall and winter.

Exceptional Quality Makes an Exceptional Gift

At Amazing Clubs we've served over 1 Million happy customers with a better than 99% satisfaction rate. Our customers order again and again because they trust us to deliver the most unique selections and highest quality peanut butter & jellies available anywhere. That means hard-to-find, gourmet fruit preserves and peanut butters hand-crafted with only the finest all-natural ingredients and delivered fresh to your door from boutique providers around the world. You won't find any of these peanut butters & jellies in your local market or the gourmet food chain stores - they're only available as selections of the Peanut Butter & Jelly of the Month Club.

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Customer Reviews

  • Young@Heart
  • Iqualit, NU

The peanut butter and jelly club was a gift from my sister for my birthday. I wanted to buy more of one of the peanut butters but was told that they didn't sell the products individually.

A Lot Of Fun!
  • Tim W
  • Brandon, MB

"The peanut butters were very good but they are all made from the same ingredients, essentially. The jams however were outstanding! Half of the fruits they were made of I hadn't even heard of before. Felt like a kid all over again eating PB&J sandwiches :)"

  • Sara Kristopher
  • Kamloops, BC

I am 4 months into my PBJ membership and I am surprised that I keep getting new kinds each month. How many different kinds of Peanut Butter and Jams are there???? Apparently more than I imagined. They are all really good and I have never heard of any of tehm before. Where do you guys find this stuff?