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Why have over 1 million satisfied customers chosen Amazing Clubs? It might be our extraordinary value and competitive prices. It might be our exceptional customer service and dedication to our members. But most likely it's because they know that a gift from Amazing Clubs is a gift of unparalleled quality.

We're proud of the premium cheeses we deliver to our members every month. Over the last 12 months we've featured the following selections in the Cheese of the Month Club.

December, 2014
Blyth's Drunken Goat - Ontario
Vermeer Gouda - Holland
Agropur 75 - Quebec

November, 2014
Bothwell Horseradish Cheddar - Manitoba
Pine River Thai Curry Cheddar - Ontario
Black River Cheese Company 6-Year Cheddar - Ontario

October, 2014
Esrom - Denmark
Landana Black Peppercorn Gouda - Netherlands
Meddo Belle Goat Monterey Jack - Wisconsin

September, 2014
Tylzicki (Tilsit) - Poland
Smoked Edamski - Poland
Kurplowski (Emmental) - Poland

August, 2014
Caciocavallo - Italy
Smoked Gruyere - Austria
Wood Smoked Extra Old Cheddar - Ontario

July, 2014
Red Leicester - England
Wensleydale - England
Double Gloucester - England

June, 2014
Castello Chiantino - Germany
Tête de Moine - Switzerland
Black River Maple Chedder - Ontario

May, 2014
Montbossie du Haut Libradois Morbier - France
Diablo Gourmet - Switzerland
Inferno Creamy Havarti - Denmark

April, 2014
Massdam - Holland
Gruyere AOP - Switzerland
Bianco Butterkäse - Germany

March, 2014
Oka l'Artisan - Quebec
Chocolate Cheese Fudge - Ontario
Cheddar - Australia

February, 2014
Provolone - Santa Lucia
Blue Cheese - Germany
Smoked Goat Gouda - Blyth

January, 2014
Cumin Gouda - Holland
Bavarian Emmentaler - Switzerland
Hot Pepper Monterey Jack - Ontario

We know you have choices when you're trying to send the perfect gift. Let us show you why Amazing Clubs should be your first and only choice for a gift they'll never forget!

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