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  • 2 to 3 new varieties of gourmet jerky every month!
  • Club newsletter with every shipment!
  • FREE SHIPPING every month!
  • Personalized gift announcement!
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Exclusive Selections - Gourmet items you won't find in local markets or national stores!
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Why have over 1 million satisfied customers chosen Amazing Clubs? It might be our extraordinary value and competitive prices. It might be our exceptional customer service and dedication to our members. But most likely it's because they know that a gift from Amazing Clubs is a gift of unparalleled quality.

We're proud of the premium jerky we deliver to our members every month. Over the last 12 months we've featured the following selections in the Jerky of the Month Club.

October, 2014
Settler's Brand - Original Hickory Jerky
Cactus Jack - Jalape ño Jerky
Jerk Nation - Hawaiian Teriyaki Jerky

September, 2014
Papa Dan's - Sweet Garlic
Sweetwood Jerky - Teriyaki
Grass Run Farms - Original

August, 2014
Mahlons - Raspberry Chipotle Jerky
Vermont Beef Jerky - Original
Magnolia Jerky - Ol' Smoky

July, 2014
A&J South Florida - Mild Habanero Jerky
Cima Mining - Peppered Jerky
Barren Creek - Original Beef Jerky

June, 2014
Black Label - Draft Ale Jerky
Paps Foods - Pitmaster BBQ Beef
House of Jerky - Natural

May, 2014
Cedar Creek - Sweet Teriyaki
Hawaiian Maui - Smoked Pork
Pacific Coast Jerky - Classic Peppered

April, 2014
The Gourmet Jerky - Original
Crockett Creek - Blazin' Cajun
Whittington's - Original Smoked Turkey

March, 2014
JuJu Jerky - Smoky & Spicy
Lando Jerky - Garlic and Pepper
Dad's Jerky - Original

February, 2014
Carnivore Candy Beef Jerky - Barbecue Mesquite
Texas Slabs - Original Beef
Divine Bovine - Tangy Teriyaki Turkey

January, 2014
Damn Good Jerky - Western Style
Smokehouse Jerky - Oh That's Hot
Up North Jerky Co. - Original

December, 2013
Country Archer Jerky - Turkey Teriyaki
Field Trip Jerky - Original
Stripling's Gourmet Jerky - Hot

November, 2013
Bacon Freak - Maple Pork Jerky
Wild Ride Jerky - Original Flavour
Fatman's Beef Jerky - Lemon Pepper

We know you have many choices when you're trying to send the perfect gift. Let us show you why Amazing Clubs should be your first and only choice for a gift they'll never forget!

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